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Season 5: Round 9 vs Raiders X
Win by 87 to 71 runs
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Game Result - Win by 87 to 71 runs vs Raiders X
MVP for this game is GMan with a net contribution of 23 runs to the team, followed by Damo (11) and Steve (2)
(MVP is calculated as Runs Scored minus Runs Conceded)

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Game Summary
Team Points Runs Scored Wickets Taken Extras Awarded Backnets Hit
Pornstars 6 87 15 30 4
Raiders X 2 71 14 40 3
Batting Figures
Player  Runs  Strike Rate  Outs  Backnets 4/5/7  Partnership
OMG -2 (15) -13.33 3 0/0/0 6
(2 extras)
Chan 6 (13) 46.15 1 0/0/0
Si -1 (14) -7.14 3 0/0/0 22
(8 extras)
Maverick (c) 15 (11) 136.36 0 0/0/0
Steve 4 (12) 33.33 1 0/0/0 19
(10 extras)
Callum 5 (11) 45.45 2 0/0/0
Damo 7 (12) 58.33 3 0/0/2 40
(10 extras)
GMan 23 (13) 176.92 1 0/1/1
Totals 57 (101)   14 0/1/3 87
Averages 7.13 (12.63) 59.51 1.75   21.75
Bowling Figures
Player Runs Conceded Runs Conceded Adjusted Total Wickets Extras Bowled Catches Run Outs Stumpings BackNets
Maverick (c) 14 (14) 14 (14) 1 4 0 1 0 0 0
Callum 8 (14) 8 (14) 1 4 0 0 0 1 0
OMG 11 (14) 11 (14) 3 14 0 1 2 0 0
Chan 20 (14) 20 (14) 1 8 0 1 0 0 2
GMan 0 (14) 0 (14) 3 6 0 0 3 0 0
Si 20 (14) 20 (14) 1 0 0 0 0 1 1
Damo -4 (14) -4 (14) 3 4 2 1 0 0 0
Steve 2 (14) 2 (14) 2 0 0 0 2 0 0
Totals 71 (112)   15 40 2 4 7 2 3
Averages 8.88 (14) 8.88 (14) 1.88 5 0.25 0.5 0.88 0.25 0.38
Game Comments
16/05/2003 12:34:37 a.m.

Top game tonight guys - I thought we really fielded well to restrict them to just 71 runs.

It was good to see us all a little more on our game in the field tonight, there was a lot more feeling on the court and I think constantly changing the field around kept everyone on their toes and their minds on the game.

After a bit of an indifferent batting performance from us (great knock from Greg though to score 23) the outcome was looking fairly bleak, but some all round good tight bowling from everyone never allowed them to get away from us and I think we all had the feeling that if we hung in there we could win this one.

Once again nice tight bowling from Si to maintain his top of the table ranking for most economical bowling this season.

A very good effort in the field from Chan who is playing with what looks to be a pretty damn sore little finger!!  *ouch*

Paul - your bowling is definitely on the up, you are starting to throw in some crackers - in fact the best ball you bowled all night was a superb yorker to me....alas it was during practice!

And of course good captaincy from Maverick once again to go with his solid batting display, second highest score tonight (15) - which won't harm his average - now there is something to aim for, I'm still a couple of runs behind all I can say is watch your back!

16/05/2003 9:22:20 a.m.

Further to Damo's comments, as the captain I have to espouse the brilliance that you guys displayed during the game.

Couple of times I found myself groaning at how things were proceeding, but hopefully backed them up with a chipper "Come on chaps!". Anyway, to the game itself.

As captain, you have to call on people to hopefully pull you back into the game when it feels like slipping a bit in the field - and last night, yet again, I had to call on the bowling miser that is Si who I believe (in conjunction with Chan's second over) pulled us back into the hunt - so big ups to Si!

Callum and Steve - fielding back and front respectively - yet another strong performance from the both of you. Steve with a couple of stumpings, Callum with some very handy wickets via runouts and catches (thanks for the catch off my bowling!).

Concern of the week - Damo and myself for throwing like girls (no offence to opposition) to Callum to execute runouts! I think Damo managed two in the end (one direct, and alongside the stumps for Callum) so that's coming back.

Damon and Steve in the last two overs got wickets at the right time (the right time of course being when my heart rate reaches 130 bpm - not quite a Personal Rave but hey...) backed up by some really solid fielding.

Extras again were a concern (I'm no saint in this regard - that first over was a a shocker). Having said that, I was surprised/shocked that on of their quicks wasn't pinged for his short balls - but no point in being bitter...

For the record: Greg got bowled by a chick last night, not me.

So yes - their last partnership I think we all tightened the screws, backed up by some good solid bowling, so a great effort by everyone - now if we can just manage it over four partnerships... There's the challenge!!!

16/05/2003 2:17:59 p.m.

The batting is probably where we let ourselves down the most (any game where your top-scorer is bowled by a girl and is still the best most be an indication of this!).  We got out 14 times, which is abit more than normal (usually 9-12 outs).  After a slow first pertnership, we solidified with a couple of sensible partnerships.  Some great shot selection from Bart and Simon, Simon being the victim of some runouts.

Fortunately, Greg and Damo put in a particularly good performance for a partnership of 40 to up the team total to a miserly 87.

Last night was a very good lesson in how to deal with teams that don't strike for the backnet alot.  The field changed alot according to who was on strike, and who was bowling.  The fact that Simon went for far more than usual was indicative of their type of batting - they worked him around whereas most batsmen's eyes light up and try to wog him to the back (and pay the price).

We held our catches, and effected quite a few run-outs - in short, we took the opportunities on offer.  The way they were going was that they never got ahead of the required run rate, they just were right on target.  That meant that when the last partnership slipped up against Greg in his second over that the pressure was all on them.  Then Damon followed it up with alot of dot balls and a couple of wickets and they needed 18 off Steve's final over.

In the end, the margin of 17 was an exaggeration of how close it was as they were on target for the first 13 overs.

- I'm a bit gutted at Simon's catch off my bowling being called not out.  grr
- Apologies for bowling two extras, thereby exceeding the limit laid down by mein fuhrer.  As a team, we gifted them 40 runs through extras, so lets kick that in the butt.
- I reckon we need to consider ourselves as having an adaptive field.  Last night, we were generally closer in because most of their batsmen were tappers.  But we also initiated changes based on particular bowlers and particular batsmen.  For instance, having an extra person on the leg side with Simon bowling made sense against those guys.  We need to think about what the batsmen's mindset is and set an appropriate field.  But don't wait for Bart to tell you what to do, as there is too much traffic to direct and nuances he can't see from where he's standing - so use your initiative and move with purpose.
- Bart, the only feminine throw I recall receiving was from you.