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Season 6: Round 12 vs Raiders X
Win by 160 to 85 runs
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Game Result - Win by 160 to 85 runs vs Raiders X
MVP for this game is Damo with a net contribution of 24 runs to the team, followed by Callum (15.91) and Steve (11.5)
(MVP is calculated as Runs Scored minus Runs Conceded)

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Game Summary
Team Points Runs Scored Wickets Taken Extras Awarded Backnets Hit
Pornstars 8 160 13 22 18
Raiders X 0 85 12 18 6
Batting Figures
Player  Runs  Strike Rate  Outs  Backnets 4/5/7  Partnership
Maverick 0 (11) 0 3 1/0/0 32
(2 extras)
OMG 30 (16) 187.5 1 1/0/2
Damo 29 (16) 181.25 1 5/1/0 46
(0 extras)
GMan 17 (12) 141.67 1 0/0/1
Callum (c) 28 (15) 186.67 1 0/1/3 50
(8 extras)
Steve 14 (10) 140 0 0/0/0
Chan 9 (14) 64.29 2 1/0/0 32
(12 extras)
Steve 11 (14) 78.57 3 2/0/0
Totals 138 (108)   12 10/2/6 160
Averages 17.25 (13.5) 122.49 1.5   40
Bowling Figures
Player Runs Conceded Runs Conceded Adjusted Total Wickets Extras Bowled Catches Run Outs Stumpings BackNets
Callum (3.1) (c) 19 (22) 12.09 (14) 1 4 0 0 1 0 0
Chan 6 (14) 6 (14) 3 4 0 2 1 0 1
GMan 11 (14) 11 (14) 1 0 0 0 1 0 1
OMG (3.0) 34 (21) 22.67 (14) 1 2 1 0 0 0 1
Steve 1 (14) 1 (14) 2 4 2 0 0 0 0
Maverick 9 (14) 9 (14) 2 2 2 0 0 0 1
Damo 5 (14) 5 (14) 3 2 1 2 0 0 2
Totals 85 (113)   13 18 6 4 3 0 6
Averages 12.14 (16.14) 9.54 (14) 1.86 2.57 0.86 0.57 0.43 0 0.86
Game Comments
3/10/2003 12:25:51 pm

I lost the toss, but only because I knew they would choose to bat first.

Their first partnership collected 28, which considering we took only 2 wickets was not too bad for us.  One of their best batsmen was back in the pavillion with not alot to show for it.

The next partnership saw 5 wickets fall as we threw some quick deliveries down.  An over of -1 to Steve, and -6 to Chan.  This partnership would add only 6 runs, to really put the squeeze on them.

Three wickets fell in the third partnership, to restrict them to 20.  The total was 54 at this point, and they were facing a tough task to bring up a respectable score.

Their fourth partnership would salvage something, top-scoring with 31 on the back of a wicket-less 25 from Glen.  It didn't look like they'd manage that much after Damo and Bart took overs of 0 and 1 respectively - however, they dealt to Paul and myself to take 30 runs off us.

Shoutout to Steve for his overs, which were fierce and hard to hit.  He took a wicket in each over for results of -1 and 2.
Honourable mention to Damon for his diving catch off his own bowling.

As I bowled the last over, I was somewhat flustered and forgot to check the quad scores when we came off - had I done so, it would have been a slightly different line-up.

As it was, Paul and Bart started us off, and Paul would get out once in his superb innings of 30.  Bart managed to get out three times in his superb innings of 0.  In all seriousness, these guys batted very well - I was particularly impressed with the last over where they dug in and won the quad-point for us.

Damon and Greg had the daunting target of 7, and just scraped in with a modest 46.  They got out once each, both times to Andrew (their best bowler), which might be a case for just grafting off him, and doing what you do so well against the rest.  A welcome return from Damon to the crease, taking 6 boundaries in his 29.

Steve and I came in with the total on 78 (chasing 85), needing 21 for the quad.  A tidy 21 would have secured the win and the quad, instead we collected a tidy 50.  Steve and I had a bit of discussion before we went in about who'd face first, and we decided I would as I've played more recently and should be in better touch.  Sure enough, I start off by catching the edge off a big wog shot to put us on -5.  Clearly I learnt my lesson, as I played another big wog shot next ball, and sent it for seven.

Steve was chosen to bat again with Chan, and the game was in the bag, with just the hardest quad-point to play for.  Chasing 160 for the quad, and sitting on 150 after 2 overs it was looking comfortable.  Not to be content with such an easy target, the boys sacrificed three wickets to set themselves a more challenging 17 from the last over.  Even then, they couldn't do it easy - getting out once in a generous 10 ball over from Glen.  This was some gutsy batting, and they just got there - exactly on target.

Shoutout has to go to OMG for his 30 off 16 - well done.
Honourable mention to the first and fourth partnerships for intelligent and determined batting in their last overs to secure quad-points for the team.

Well, these guys (and girls) gave a hiding last time we met, beating us by 71 runs in an 8-0 drubbing.  Which makes this all the sweeter to beat them by 75 in an 8-0 pasting.  We've got a record of 4 wins and 3 losses against them.

Of the five times we've kept them under 100, we've won four of them.  We set this win up with the fielding effort to constrict them to 85.  The batting fired far better than usual with everyone bar Steve improving their averages (who improved it in his first innings, but not his second).  Their bowling and fielding was very different to previous games, but quite simply we didn't give them the same chances we gave them in the past.

8-0, alls well that ends well.

Apart from a fielding botch-up that cost Damon 4 runs I was happy with my time in the field.  The bowling was satisfactory, if a wicket or two shy of expected.

The batting was actually a bit unconvincing I thought - 5 dot balls and a wicket in a 15 ball innings.  Didn't seem to have problems finding the backnet at least.

I've got some target for the end of season.  I've got 230 runs and 24 wickets for this season, and I want 279 runs and 30 wickets.  279 runs will give me 500 runs for all seasons, and the most individual runs ever in a season (though not the best average).  Mid-season I was aiming for the 200/30 double, and wickets look to be coming down to the wire.  I need 6 wickets in the next three games, so hopefully we play some muppets soon.

3/10/2003 12:31:48 pm

Game coming up on October 16th. I'm there (even if I'm on crutches) just to try and edge my batting stats into the positives...

3/10/2003 12:34:52 pm

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